Mountain Top is the perfect place for me. I'm 86 yrs. old with four grown children and they feel better knowing I'm here. It's a great place to be…good food…good people.
- Helen Rummage

We watched Mountain Top grow from the ground up and at each stage I kept telling myself I would one day live there. We agreed this was for us a number of years ago and have never regretted or looked back. It's a great place!
- Barron & Barbara Mills

Since my arrival at Clapp's Mountain Top Living, I have felt blessed every day to be a part this wonderful community. Every staff member appears to be dedicated to making your life pleasant which results in a very contented group of residents whose company I enjoy.

Even though I had to leave the home I had occupied 55 years, I feel I made a wise decision and count my blessings every day.
- Carolyn Perry

Having lived in four countries and ten states with my military husband, I know what it is to adapt to different life styles. Here at the Mountain Top we are offered many activities from which you can choose if you desire. There always seems to be a friendly face around which is especially true of the staff. Having lived here eight years, I feel qualified to share this with others.
- Porter Redding